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Intraco, a national and international logistics transport company.

Intraco is a logistics operator specialised in national and
international transport and global logistics management. In 2023 we celebrated 30 years at the service of companies and businesses, providing our clients with tailor-made, efficient and flexible solutions. Becoming an essential part of the business structure of our clients and their distribution company of choice is our main goal.

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Our spacious and modern facilities combine safety and efficiency to achieve our main goal: offering the highest quality of service to our clients.

To this end, we offer two warehouses with a total of 27,000m2 of covered space, with areas for order preparation, storage and transport, equipped with the strictest safety measures, to our customers.

Thanks to our specialised personnel and advanced technology, loading and unloading operations are quickly and easily managed.

Bringing the world closer.

At Intraco we cross borders, travel through countries, sail oceans and take to the skies to bring people together. Our aim is to represent connection and unity because, at the end of the day, we are all about communication and bringing people together. At Intraco we bridge distances to bring people together.

Bringing the world closer.

Intraco's mission and values.

Our mission is to become a partner on the success journey of those who rely on our capabilities as a logistics centre: your way is our way.

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We stay by our clients’ side right from the beginning of the project up to the successful delivery of the goods to their destination. Safe and secure shipments throughout the journey.

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We provide expert knowledge of every sector in which we operate, from customs clearance to complex international distribution operations. Let us advise you – we will deliver it together.

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We have a solution for any challenge. Where others see problems, we see opportunities for success. We adapt to each project to find the perfect transport solution.

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Our customer service department is always at your disposal.
Whenever you need us, we will be there for you.

This is our story as a transport and logistics company.

We began our journey in the world of transport in 1993. As a freight forwarding company, we started providing international transport of goods services. With hard work and determination, we were able to step into national and international transport and logistics by land, sea and air.

Today, we can proudlysay that our name is synonymous with impeccable quality of service, punctuality in the shipment and delivery of goods as well as absolute availability to meet the needs of our customers. As a result, in our area of influence we are among the leading companies in the sector.

CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility.

By minimising our global footprint we support social well-being. As a global transport company, we are aware that our activities inevitably leave a footprint on the environment. But how deep or how shallow it is, depends on us. The following are the measures we are currently taking to offset said footprint.

Carbon footprint reduction.

The carbon footprint is the volume of gases (tonnes of CO2) emitted by any economic or daily activity of a company or individual. At Intraco we are taking measures to improve our energy efficiency in order to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to slowing down global warming. Some of these measures are: the implementation of photovoltaic panels and the progressive renewal of our fleet of trailers, trucks, vans and cars.

Photovoltaic panels.

We have installed photovoltaic panels on the roofs of our warehouses and facilities. By using this clean and environmentally friendly energy source we avoid the emission of greenhouse gases. And solar energy neither emits toxic substances nor pollutes the air we breathe. Our goal is to progressively increase its implementation in our company.

Social and humanitarian projects.

There are times when very specific tasks are required, in which the speed, efficacy and confidence that a transport agency provides are essential. As a company and as a team, we are particularly pleased to participate in these operations, in which we collaborate by sending humanitarian aid to territories or populations in difficult situations.


ISO 9001. Quality certificate.

We work every day to ensure the quality and reliability of our services. Proof of our commitment to quality is our ISO 9001 certification. Together with our clients, we aim to continuously improve our services.
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