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Logistics Services. We manage your logistics in a personalised and comprehensive way.

At Intraco we manage all types of logistics services, providing tailor-made solutions. Furthermore, thanks to our technology, resources and experience we are leaders in logistics outsourcing, offering our customers the opportunity to optimise their business.

By outsourcing your business to Intraco, you will gain flexibility in the event of potential changes in activity or workload. In addition, we transform fixed costs into variable ones and reduce the associated costs.

We manage your logistics.

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Comprehensive Logistics Organisational model. Services and benefits.

We offer all the solutions that a company or business may need.

At Intraco, we offer the best comprehensive logistics service. We take care of managing the entire transport and logistics process of a product, from the collection or reception of the cargo at a specific location, through storage and handling, to shipping and delivery at the final destination.

Goods reception.

At our warehouses we receive the products our clients have purchased from a supplier.

Storage and warehousing.

We classify, control and store goods in our warehouses.

Order preparation (Picking).

We combine and prepare orders from several loads.

Packaged (Packing).

At our facilities, we manage the packaging of products.

Handling (labelling, palletising, etc.).

In short, we take care of any handling that a product or load requires.

Stock management.

We efficiently control and manage the flow of products.

Inventory management.

We manage the registration, procurement and dispatch of products in our warehouses.

Groupage of goods

We move goods by optimizing processes in an effective and sustainable way.

Palletizing of merchandise

Discover its advantages in logistics and transportation.

Pallet transport

Advantages of efficient management in pallet transportation.

Customs. Incoming and outgoing goods. Import and export.

At Intraco we offer our clients a specialised customs clearance department with a team of professionals specialised in each of the clearance areas: land, sea and air.

In addition, Intraco has been granted the following authorisations:

What are the advantages of these authorisations?

1. This allows third-country importers to withhold duty and VAT payments while the goods are in storage and until they are cleared for distribution to consumers.

2. This allows sales within the European Union to be released for free circulation, with VAT being borne by the recipient of the goods in the state of acquisition.

Customs. Incoming and outgoing goods. Import and export.

Management and processing of customs warehouses.

Type A Customs Warehouse.

Management and processing

A public customs warehouses.

Type A Non-Customs Warehouse.

Submission of Intrastat declaration.

Processing and submission of the Intrastat declaration.

Complex logistics.

We try to do our bit for society, therefore, at Intraco we do our best to help in difficult situations where urgent transports are required, sometimes in challenging conditions.

Since 1998, Intraco has been participating in important solidarity missions, both in Spain and abroad, where natural disasters or armed conflicts devastated populations and territories, thus requiring the urgent transport of basic necessities.

Likewise, we regularly organise special operations for different Spanish organisations and institutions. We also manage complex logistics operations, which require customised treatment due to their special characteristics (dimensions, weight, transit times, use of different means of transport, etc.).

Transport Services at Intraco.